International experience in COVID-19 response by countries and international organizations

The expert webinar “International experience in COVID-19 response by countries and international organizations” hosted by the World Bank took place via Webex on April 22, 2020. The event embraced a wide range of participants from the state bodies (Accounts Chamber, the Ministry of Economic Development, Rosstat), expert and academic community (KPMG, Association of Specialists in Program and Policy Evaluation (ASOPP), RANEPA, Economic Expert Group) and NGOs (Donors Forum, charity fund “Volunteers to help orphan children”). The agenda of the event and list of participants are attached.
The meeting was devoted to the discussion how countries and international organizations organize measures of support to population, economy and business during the coronavirus pandemic and how financial flows and aid distribution shall be monitored. During the round of discussions the following comments and suggestions were expressed by the meeting participants:
COVID-19 pandemic poses a real threat to the achievement of the SDGs by 2030. The pace of progress was already the issue of concern of the international community in the last year. New challenges are to come this year with the budgets constraints. Representatives of the state bodies suggested that the SDGs indicators should be revised and adjusted;
There is a lack of relevant and in-time presented data due to coronavirus affect monitoring and evaluation issues.

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Russian economy is again a difficult year

On March 31, 2020, the FINAM Information and Analytical Center held an online conference on the prospects for the development of the Russian economy after the coronovirus pandemic in 2020. The conference discussed issues such as support for economic sectors, forecast for the dollar, oil prices, etc.

In particular, it was noted that, as a whole, due to the recession in a number of countries (primarily in the USA), the Russian economy will be able to stay afloat due to a possible increase in hydrocarbon prices. Prices may rise due to increased demand from the Chinese economy, which, after a relatively faster recovery, will receive sales markets in the countries most affected by the coronovirus (primarily the United States).

As part of the discussions, the experts of the EDSG adopted.

Conference Link (in Russian)

Link to conference materials (in Russian)

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Putin Amendments – President Changes Constitution and the Government

On January 23, 2020, an online conference was held at the FINAM analytical agency on the prospects for introducing new proposals voiced by the President of Russia to the Federal Assembly on January 15, 2020. The conference was attended by experts from the academic and business community. In particular, issues related to amendments to the Constitution of Russia were discussed. The discussions were also attended by EDSG experts.


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Socio-political results of 2019 – 20 years for Putin and 5 years for Crimea

On December 24, 2019, the analytical center FINAM hosted the online conference “Socio-Political Results of 2019 – 20 Years of Putin and 5 Years of Crimea”. Conference participants discussed the economic and political results of the year, which included the introduction of new sanctions, Russia’s relations with the Western countries and Ukraine. In particular, special emphasis was placed on the development of the investment climate in Russia and the prospects for improving the Russian position in international ratings, including the Doing Business. The event was also attended by experts from the EDSG.

Source (in Russian)

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Will the EAEU countries be able to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030?

On November 22, 2019, the Eurasian Economic Commission held a seminar on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the potential of the EAEU member countries to achieve them. The seminar discussed issues of sustainable economic growth in the face of increasing economic and social risks. The seminar was attended by representatives of international organizations, government, development institutions, as well as academic and expert organizations.

Experts of the EDSG participated in the discussions of the seminar.

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Partnership for Sustainable Development: Findings for Russia

On October 17, 2019, a scientific and practical seminar “Partnership for Sustainable Development: Conclusions for Russia” was held at the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.
The seminar was devoted to the consideration of issues related to the implementation of the full range of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), taking into account the economic, social and environmental aspects. A special place in the discussion was given to the implementation of the objectives of SDG 17 “Partnership for Sustainable Development”, as the most comprehensive goal. In addition, the issues of the process of preparing the voluntary report of the Russian Federation to the UN High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development were raised.
EDSG experts also participated in the discussions.

Event Link (in Russian)

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Russian economy – neither here nor here

On September 26, 2019, the FINAM Information and Analytical Center held an online conference on current issues of the Russian economy. In particular, participants discussed the possibilities of achieving growth of the Russian economy up to 1.3%, external economic factors, as well as the financial market.

A separate focus was put on national projects. Participants noted that they are connected to each other. In particular, a project in the field of the digital economy should provide a catalyst function, as well as long-term issues related to demography, for example.

Conference link (in Russian)

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Peer-to-Peer training workshop ‘Main Principles of Academic Scientific Writing and Peer-review’ delivered in Tashkent on September 16-18, 2019

Upon request of the Central Asian academic community, the CAWEP Knowledge Network program and the German-Kazakh University are organizing peer-to-peer training workshops aimed at offering guidelines how to enhance academics’ and researchers’ capacity in scientific writing on water and energy-related issues, how to publish scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals and to review scientific articles.

Following the successfully delivered training workshops in Bishkek, Dushanbe and Almaty, the fourth 3-day training took place in Tashkent on September 16-18, 2019. National University of Uzbekistan hosted the event and brought together more than 30 participants from Uzbek universities and research centers working in the water-related field.

The training event covered various aspects of the academic scientific writing and peer review technique, focusing on both theory and practical assignments. Trainers and participants discussed a wide range of topics based on the examples of international publishers and journals, including publication requirements for manuscripts submitted to international journals, copyright, opportunities to promote author’s publications in the international scientific community.

The trainers presented different approaches to the writing process and expressed their views on the structure of articles and standards of scientific publications adopted in the international system. Participants of the training admitted the need, usefulness and effectiveness of such events and expressed their willingness to spend more time and make more efforts to develop a collaborative

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Russian economy on the threshold of August

On July 18, 2019, the FINAM Information and Analytical Center held an online conference “The Russian Economy on the Eve of August.” During the conference, participants discussed the internal problems of the Russian economy, as well as the external economic conjuncture. In particular, the IMF’s lower outlook on Russia’s GDP growth in 2019 was discussed, the value of which was 1.2%. Also, a forecast was given on changes in the Bank of Russia interest rate. Thus, the adjustment of the forecast towards lower inflation in 2019, low income growth, as well as the strengthening of the Russian currency form the preconditions in favor of lowering the rate. The current forecast of changes in its value is 25 b.p.

The conference was attended by experts EDSG.

Event Link (in Russian)

More details (in Russian)

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Russian economy: the whole truth about recession

On June 6, FINAM held an online conference on the topic “Russian Economy – the Truth About Recession”. During the discussion, issues of economic growth in Russia were discussed. Thus, according to the results of 2018, the Russian economy showed rather optimistic results, when GDP growth was 2.3%. For 2019 a less optimistic forecast is given.

The issue of sanctions was also discussed. According to experts, sanctions are certainly a negative factor in the Russian investment climate. Sanctions significantly reduce the competitiveness of Russian business both in Russia and abroad. In fact, sanctions form a new model of the economy, which is limited from the world economy by a number of factors, and this, in turn, limits its potential. Of course, it is possible and possible to live in conditions of sanctions. But the question of achieving potentially possible macro-indicators is being called into question.

EDSG experts took part in the discussions.

More details (in Russian)

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