The Russian economy: the optimism of the authorities, disappointing statistics and budget deficit

14804766_10210868481172460_1758831529_nOn 20 October, 2016 the analytical agency “Finam” arranged the online conference on the current economic situation in Russia and expectations until the end of 2016. The relevance of the conference was attributed to the contradiction between the macroeconomic stabilization, which was announced by the authorities last week, and statistical indicators pointing to the reduction of the population welfare, the decline in industrial production and an increase in the budget deficit.

The conference discussed issues related to the prospects of improving the investment climate in Russia, carrying out structural reforms, fight against corruption, the impact of the global cyclical crises on the Russian economy, the Russian currency value, the possible introduction of new sanctions on Russia.

According to experts, the fundamental reasons for the weakening of the Russian currency at the present time are not observed. The appreciation of the Russian Rouble is resulted by the growing oil prices, recovery of economic growth expected in the long term. The traditional increase in the volume of ruble liquidity at the end of the year may affect on the weakening of the ruble exchange rate. This will put a pressure on the ruble, and the value of the currency would not reach the highest possible values.

Experts of the Expert Development Strategy Group became the participants of the conference.

Link to the conference