Agenda-2030 as a Guide for Policy in the Field of International Development Assistance: Priorities and Opportunities of Russia

On March 30, 2018, the Center for Strategic Research held, within the framework of the International Youth Forum on Sustainable Development, an expert session devoted to the role of the SDGs in Russian government policy in the field of international development assistance (IDA). The participants of the event discussed the priority directions of the SDGs implementation, the possibilities of their inclusion in bilateral assistance programs, and the role of business as an IDA actor. The EDSG experts took part in the discussions held during the session.
The sustainable development goals are formulated both for developing as well as for developed countries. In the field of promoting international development (IDA), they serve as a reference system and a “common language” for recipient countries, traditional and new donors, international and non-governmental organizations, and private businesses. SDGs are comprehensive, which allows actors involved in international assistance to determine their own priorities, taking into account both the global agenda and national interests.

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