Evaluation in Turbulent Times: Navigating the Evolving Big Data Ecosystem

On 18-19 January 2021 the European Evaluation Society arranged the online workshop devoted to evaluation challenges during Corona crisis.

The panel of evaluation leaders have reviewed cutting edge data science technologies for exploiting the huge volumes of increasingly diverse data generated by government agencies, donors, research institutions and non-profits, and examine the methodological, organisational, political and ethical challenges facing evaluators as they transition to the big data ecosystem.  The panel has also discussed the organisational and strategic challenges facing evaluation offices as they adapt to the rapidly changing data landscapes and will draw lessons from how evaluation activities  are already being restructured to address the challenges of Covid-19.

The EDSG experts have also taken part in the workshop (in English)

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Socio-Political Results of 2020. Poor, but “White and Fluffy”

On December 18, 2020, the information and analytical agency FINAM held an online conference dedicated to the socio-political results in Russia in 2020. The conference was attended by experts – representatives of business and the academic community.

The key questions during the discussion were: what political events in Russia and the world will be remembered for the outgoing year? How will the confrontation between Russia and the West develop in 2021? What signals did Putin give to society at the press conference? How effectively did the authorities deal with the crisis this year? What will happen to the economy in the coming year? Population incomes have been declining for several years in a row – will discontent grow in the country, and can this result in some kind of protest movement?

EDSG experts took part in the conference (in Russian)

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Russian economy is again a difficult year

On March 31, 2020, the FINAM Information and Analytical Center held an online conference on the prospects for the development of the Russian economy after the coronovirus pandemic in 2020. The conference discussed issues such as support for economic sectors, forecast for the dollar, oil prices, etc.

In particular, it was noted that, as a whole, due to the recession in a number of countries (primarily in the USA), the Russian economy will be able to stay afloat due to a possible increase in hydrocarbon prices. Prices may rise due to increased demand from the Chinese economy, which, after a relatively faster recovery, will receive sales markets in the countries most affected by the coronovirus (primarily the United States).

As part of the discussions, the experts of the EDSG adopted.

Conference Link (in Russian)

Link to conference materials (in Russian)

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