Digital Technologies for Economic Development

6dde0c8f-6973-4328-9fdf-cb9fed0261fdOn April 12, 2016 EDSG experts participated in the presentation of 2016 World Development Report on Digital Dividends which took place at the Analytical center of the Government of the Russian Federation. The Report is devoted to the discussion of the digital technologies’ impact on lives of ordinary people, especially those living in the world poorest countries.

According to the report, the world is now facing information and communication revolution. Today more than 40% of the global population have regular access to internet whereas the number of new users is rapidly increasing. Among the poorest households 7 out of 10 have mobile phones. This indicator exceeds the number of households with regular access to toilet or drinking water. However, the countries use the development opportunities of information technologies in different ways.

In the opinion of EDSG experts, the experience of developing countries presented by the WBG, has little relevance to Russia because local IT companies are more interested in commercial aspects of digital revolution. In Russia such technologies, as Yandex, Kaspersky and taxi order services have potential to diversify Russian economy. The increase of information technologies usage in public administration helped Russia to strengthen its positions in Doing Business rating. That said, the WDR 2016 on Digital Dividends remains a useful source of lessons learnt and experience in the digital area.