Expectations and Reality in Russian Economy

12939264_10209132042802586_773406971_nOn March 31, 2016 EDSG experts took part in FINAM online conference, devoted to the current expectations and reality of Russia’s economy. They argued that economic policy in the period of crisis is more like tactics than strategy. Currently, the strategic objectives are corrected according to the changing world. EDSG experts hoped that the Strategy-2030 would take into account lessons learned during the current crisis and the crisis of 2008-2009.

According to EDSG experts, by July 2016 the US dollar will rise and may exceed 72 rubles. “By September, 2016 the US currency is also expected to increase. This will happen against the backdrop of falling oil prices, which will drop in this period to USD 35-37 per barrel”, – experts believe.

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