EY business academy Round table

1On September 25, 2016 the EY business academy (earlier – Ernst&Young) hosted an expert round table “Strategy of the company and your contribution to its success” for top management of SMEs and large companies. EDSG experts took part in the round table discussions along with the management of other companies. During the sessions the following issues were discussed: company’s performance assessment, the general profile of an effective top manager of a modern company, success stories of world largest companies and effective company development strategies.

The main purpose of the round table was to identify and discuss key opportunities for companies’ overall performance improvement, for example through enhancement of business processes and personal effectiveness of the top management. Along with key success factors the participants had the chance to touch base on the modern psychological communication tools. These tools allow to evaluate and apply personal social skills (Soft Skills) and to cooperate with partners in a most efficient way. The participants mentioned behavioral model named DISC and set of indicators named MBTI as key instruments for social skills enhancement.