MGIMO and EDSG round table as a part of the X RISA Convention

risa2016A round table devoted to «Corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a tool of “soft power” of business in international economic relations» was held by the MGIMO University in partnership with EDSG as a part of the X Convention of the Russian international studies Association (RISA) on 9 December, 2016. The EDSG experts participated as co-organizers and moderators of the event. The head of the Department of economic policy and public-private partnership of MGIMO, Elena Zavyalova, and the EDSG CEO opened the Round Table and announced outcomes at the end of the event.

The Round Table brought together academics and practitioners-representatives of the business community, concerned with issues of social responsibility of business. The event was held in the format of the sessions.

The first session was devoted to possibilities of using CSR to boost investment activity and integration into new markets. In the second session the participants discussed the role of programs and projects in the field of CSR in sustainable development. In particular, they discussed the attitude of the private sector on this issue. The focus of the third session was to evaluate the impact of CSR in Russian companies.

During the Round Table both theoretical and practical aspects of the question of corporate social responsibility as one of the mechanisms of interaction of business and government were covered. The number of questions and discussions that arose during the Round Table underlined the urgency and relevance of this subject.

The results and outcomes of the round table will be published in a form of X RISA Convention presentations and theses collection.