Monthly Meeting of Gender Evaluation Group


A monthly meeting of Gender Evaluation Commiunity took place in April, 2016. During the meeting the participants highlighted the results of the EvalGender events, which were held in March, 2016 in New York. As an output of the event participants agreed to prepare a toolkit containing the “spotlights” (country case studies) reflecting the plans of different national stakeholders to contribute to SDGs achievement.

The EvalGender+ members also discussed the options for a joint contribution to participate in 2016 September EES Conference.

Gender and Evaluation Community was created on February 16, 2013 as an initiative of the Institute of Social Studies Trust under ‘Engendering Policy through Evaluation’ project which was funded by IDRC & Ford Foundation. The Community is also the knowledge sharing hub for EvalGender+ a global partnership led by EvalPartners.