The policy of sustainable development of Russia: to be or not to be?

131016_event-1On 13 October, 2016 a workshop “The policy of sustainable development of Russia: to be or not to be” took place at MGIMO University. The workshop was arranged by the BIG club: “Business investment state” in partnership with the Expert Development Strategies Group. The key topics of the meeting were devoted to such issues, as the possibility of “green revolution” in economic policy of Russia; a change of priorities in the political agenda of the country; business conditions in the implementation of the sustainable development concept.

The key speakers at the workshop were represented by the governmental officials, think tanks and expert community (Analytical Centre under the Government of the Russian Federation, the SGM Agency, Russian Association of Managers, the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment).

The main purpose of the roundtable was expert “brainstorming” to find the options for introducing “green economy road map” into the current economic environment.

As the moderator of the conference was Associate Professor of MGIMO University Doctor of Political Science Nikolay Studenikin.