IMG-20150925-WA0016Our company provides customers a wide range of services associated with the elaboration and evaluation of the effectiveness, sustainability and long-term impact of programs and projects devoted to strategic development.

In addition to consulting and analytical activity, the company offers services related to implementation of operations, such as

  • organization of seminars / conferences / roundtables
  • consecutive translation and interpretation
  • publishing activities


IMG-20150925-WA0007International Development Assistance

  • Development of the strategies for private and public sectors, related to the implementation and participation in projects of international aid
  • Development of indicators for assessing international development assistance projects’ effectiveness and efficiency
  • Monitoring and evaluation of aid programs’ impact on the socio-economic development of the region


IMG_4511Private Sector Development

  • Collection and systematization of non-financial reporting in accordance with national and international standards
  • Evaluation of environmental and social risks of the project
  • Conformity assessment of the project by the international social and environmental standards


The development of strategic programs in the public sector

  • Complex examination of monitoring and evaluation systems of the organization
  • Development of the methodologies to assess the effectiveness of the organization management
  • Development of the methods for monitoring and evaluation for improvement of the management systems
  • Elaboration of the recommendations and roadmaps to conduct the operations with consideration of international practices comparative analysis results
  • Monitoring social and economic development of Russian regions
  • Development of the methods for ranking and design of specialized rankings